Malwina Kleparska





In my work I am driven by the idea of combining sculptures and function - for everyday use.

My ceramic pieces are, for the most part, made in stoneware clay, a hard and durable material. With a handcrafted, timeless design, you get something truly unique with an unquestionable quality that will last for years to come if handed with care.

Stoneware clay is a durable material but at the same time it is fragile and because of the delicate nature of it, with normal wear & tear, pieces may break. I want to encourage my customers to handle the pieces with great care. Although, they are all dishwasher safe, I highly recommend washing them by hand or wiping them with a damp cloth.

Buying fewer things with higher quality and looking after it to the fullest extent possible, means extending the lifespan of an object for a sustainable future.

For more instructions on how to handle and care for your ceramics click here.



I am running a tiny one-girl-band business and all my ceramic objects are made by hand in my studio in Gothenburg. Buying ceramics from me means you are supporting a small business. The work done by hand takes less energy than a mass production assembly line, which also makes it more environmentally sustainable.

Looking after all the leftovers of clay and glaze materials minimizes the waste in my ceramic studio. In my production, I strive to use as much of recycled materials as possible, not only when making ceramic objects but also when it comes to the packing materials. The boxes you receive may have old stamps, tape and stickers on, this means it have been travelling somewhere previously, but it is still suitable to safely carry the ceramic piece to you.