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My ceramic pieces are, for the most part, made out of stoneware clay, a hard and durable material made to last for years to come, if handled properly. Ceramics may break because of its fragile nature just with normal wear & tear. However, I want to encourage my customers, by using the following instructions, to handle the pieces with care, to be able to enjoy my ceramics for as long as possible.

  • Although, my cups and plats are dishwasher safe, I highly recommend hand washing. The sculptural pieces should only be washed by hand or wiped with a damp cloth.

  • Using a mild detergent is advised, both in the dishwasher or when washed by hand. The strong washing up liquids may, with time, damage the glaze and make the surface matte, crackled and/or make it easier for cutlery to leave marks on the surfaces.

  • If wax has dropped or ran down on a candleholder, the best way of getting rid of it is by simply picking it off. If it has got stuck, a lighter may be used to “melt” it off. The black marks after the flame may be wiped with a cloth afterwards. Pouring hot water is another way of solving the problem – but please be aware not to pour too hot water (do not boil it) all at once! Ceramics may crack if heated up too quickly.

  • As mentioned above, drastic changes in temperature may damage ceramics. Never pour boiling water into any of my ceramic vessels or put a ceramic item directly from the refrigerator into a microwave.

  • Some of the products may have a rough surface on the bottom, which may scratch for example a tabletop. To protect the surfaces, I kindly recommend sticking protecting furniture pads in felt, rubber or cork onto the ceramic object, to avoid scratches.


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